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Welcome to Affiliate Marketing

Below is a highly informative video about affiliate marketing. If you have any questions or need additional information, don't hesitate to DM me on my personal Instagram at 2.dominiiik.2. I'm here to assist you!


Welcome to our Affiliate Program!

Getting started with our affiliate program is simple. Just click the button below to register. You'll need to provide your name, email, and choose a password. After registration, you'll be directed to your personalized dashboard. Here, you'll fill in your PayPal email so we can seamlessly send you the money you earn. Approval typically takes 1-3 days, and then you're ready to go!

The process is straightforward: choose any of our high-quality products and share the link. Every time a buyer clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you earn a percentage of the sale. It's that simple! We've found that Pinterest is an excellent platform for promotion. By adding an image of the product alongside your link, you can attract potential buyers effortlessly. Alternatively, you can leverage platforms like TikTok or share your link within Discord servers (without spamming, of course), or explore any method you prefer.


Tier 1 Affiliate: Earns 15% from every sale.

Tier 2 Affiliate: Earns 25% from every sale.

Tier 3 Affiliate: Earns 35% from every sale.

Tier 4 Affiliate: Earns 45% from every sale.


Tier 1 Everyone who join

Tier 2 Earn 150$ total.

Tier 3 Earn 350$ total.

Tier 4 Earn 600$ total.

Let's put this into perspective: Suppose someone purchases a $40 Mockup Bundle.

  • Tier 1 earns $6
  • Tier 2 earns $10
  • Tier 3 earns $14
  • Tier 4 earns $18

Think about it: its just one sale! and if u get 10-40 orders daily it is a big difference. If you're good, you could be dealing with 10 to 35 orders every day, making up to $60. But as you get better and gain more experience, you could be looking at $300 to $600 a day. It's not easy, but it's possible. You just gotta push yourself out of your comfort zone and get going. Once you start, it gets easier. Just trust yourself and don't put things off

Best of all, it's the best way to start your first business without any investment! That's right, it's a zero-dollar startup cost. The only requirement is to have a PayPal account so we can send you the money you earn. You'll have your own dashboard to track your sales and earnings throughout the week.


Please update your Payout method on the Payment tab in Settings. If your payment detail is not specified, you will not be able to receive commission payments.

Payments are made weekly if your balance meets the minimum threshold. Commission income is paid by PayPal at the end of the week.

The minimum threshold for payouts is $20. If you’re owed less than $20, your commissions will be rolled into the next week’s total.